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My name is Reyna Guerra, I am a New York City native, born and raised in the Bronx. As an Afro-Latina artist coming from a Puerto Rican and Cuban immigrant family the arts were a way to connect to myself and the world around me. My culture and the lack of representation in the art industry is a huge influence on my work as an artist. I began as a dancer and shifted into musical theatre in high school where I was able to work professionally in New York City Center’s Off-Center series Runaways  and Carnegie Hall’s production of West Side Story. I moved onto attending Point Park University as a Musical Theatre major with a minor in dance. I hope to continue to empower women through my small business New Eden Cosmetics. Further hone in on my craft and be an advocate for afro-latino representation in the performing arts industry. 


 I believe the true beauty and power of what I do lies in who I am doing it for. I am doing this for my family, for my community, for my people. To impact and influence the arts and the industry in a way to leave it better than how I found it. To create, to inspire, to grow, and make a change through my art and have a great time doing it. Vive la Cultura!

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